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The Commuterments

The Commuterments - Film Poster
The Commuterments - Bus Design

Watch the short here

Animation Dingle Nominee - The Commuterments - Laurel

The Commuterments is a comedic animation that mimics commuter behaviors within a Dublin bus. The film observes commuters through the use of anthropomorphic characters. Siobhan, the central character, is portrayed as a lioness who exudes pride and expresses herself loudly. With a delightful sense of humor, she engages with the community during her daily journey to work. "The Commuterments" portrays situations with a lighthearted and jovial approach, capturing the essence of good "craic.

Produced in 2022

Finding - Short Film - Character Doll


Finding is a heartwarming personal project that centers on a child's simple mission to find his lost ball in the park, which takes an unexpected twist when he stumbles upon a doll. Overwhelmed with delight by this newfound, he eagerly holds onto it. Yet, the story takes a poignant turn as he confronts a challenging truth: embracing the doll subjects him to the judgment of others due to social stigma. This film captures the essence of a child's innocence and discovery through the most ordinary of things—a toy.

Produced in 2022

Finding Short Film - Still Image

Finding" premiered at the popular GAZE Film Festival in Dublin. This festival has been highlighting LGBTQ+ stories for an impressive 31 years as of 2023. Furthermore, the film is set to feature in another significant festival in September 2023, with details to be announced by the event's organizers.

Finding Short Film - Still Image
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